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Who we are

For the last thirty years we have been providing expert legal representation to the most vulnerable people.

We have secured protection for countless individuals who have been in extremely challenging and dangerous situations.

Our research and thinking has also led to significant adaptations to the immigration system. Ensuring that people are protected and given the correct legal advice. 

We have successfully campaigned in partnership with our clients to ensure that when women attend asylum interviews they have the right to access childcare. The Home Office has now committed to having a creche at every interview site.   (Link to protection gap advocates)

We have created a route for people in the UK who are stateless to become a citizen in the UK. Before Asylum Aid and UNHCR achieved this change in policy, if you were stateless in the UK you were unable to become a citizen, therefore you would be condemned to destitution for your entire life. Our Statelessness Project goal is to ensure that the stateless persons have an effective and safe route to citizenship.

The children and young people we help are seeking safety from harm in their countries of origin, or from, trafficking, prostitution and slavery in the UK. They have often been smuggled or trafficked into this country and are referred to us, often as a last resort, by social workers, community organisations, or NGOs that provide generic youth services, often having been let down by a previous legal representative.

We have a 30 year track record in delivering specialist legal advice and end-to-end casework for people seeking asylum, as well as carrying out representation at court of tribunal. We are proud to be seen as thought leaders in our sector; ensuring change for the vulnerable and persecuted people.