The Migrants' Law Project

The Migrants’ Law Project is a legal and public legal educational project. It works to enforce, advance and defend the legal rights of people seeking asylum and others with insecure legal status through securing substantive changes in policy and practice.

The MLP joined Asylum Aid in 2023 from its previous home at Islington Law Centre.

We joined forces because we know that there is a severe lack of access to quality legal support for vulnerable people with insecure legal status in the UK.

Without it, people with insecure legal status can find it extremely challenging to access and defend their basic rights.

By coming together, we can further our joint work to ensure that all those who come to the UK in need of protection from persecution and other forms of human cruelty obtain it, and are treated fairly and with dignity.

More information about the MLP’s incredible track record of securing change for their clients can be found here.