Guide to Statelessness Applications

Asylum Aid is excited to announce the launch of our Guide to Statelessness Applications on our website. It covers all aspects of statelessness, including how to make an application for leave to remain as a stateless person in the UK.
As a leading provider of free, high-quality legal representation for stateless people in the UK, we have created this Guide to share our expertise and insights in an accessible resource for both practitioners and people applying to be recognised as stateless.

The Guide covers how to get legal advice, what statelessness is, the process of applying to stay in the UK as a stateless person, what happens after applying, and the detention of stateless people. We have also featured links to other sources of expert information on applying to be recognised as stateless.

Statelessness is one of the most complex and severely under-provisioned areas of international protection law. We have created this valuable tool to increase understanding of the process of how to be recognised as stateless in the UK, so that more stateless people can gain legal status and rebuild their lives.

Our Guide to Statelessness Applications can be found here.