Women’s Asylum Charter


Every woman seeking asylum in the UK should be treated fairly, and with dignity and respect

But they are not. Women still face a degrading experience when being interviewed by officials. Home Office asylum decisions for women are often woeful. As legal aid cuts kick-in, women will be affected disproportionately. There are horrifying stories of systematic abuse of women in immigration detention centres.

This is why Asylum Aid joined with a dozen other small charities back in 2008 to establish the Charter of Rights of Women Seeking Asylum. The Charter outlines the simple steps needed to make the asylum system decent and safe for any woman who turns to it for help.

Over 350 organisations have now lined up behind the Charter to endorse its recommendations, from the smallest grassroots refugee groups to national charities like Amnesty, Oxfam and the British Red Cross.

More charities are joining all the time – and it is this united voice which has helped secure so much success in the Charter’s major campaigns.

In its five years, the Charter has enjoyed significant impact. And its work fighting for the rights of women seeking asylum continues. Read about the successes here.


Join the Charter

But much more remains to be done, and demonstrating the broad support enjoyed by the Charter is key to its success in pushing for further change.  You can read the current list of Charter endorsers – and organisations who wish to endose the Charter can email charter@asylumaid.org.uk.


Join the discussion

Anybody interested in these issues is welcome to join the Women’s Asylum Charter Google Group, so that we can co-ordinate our work and monitor our progress together.  Email charter@asylumaid.org.uk