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The Protection Gap Advocates are a group of refugee women campaigning to improve the asylum process for women seeking asylum.  If you are interested in joining read this.

Early in the campaign a group of women refugees associated with the Evelyn Oldfield Unit came together as the Protection Gap Advocates to work with Asylum Aid to support the campaign.  They have focused on informing women asylum seekers and their lawyers about the measures demanded in the campaign to support the full implementation of the Home Office Gender Asylum Action Plan.

As well as the Protection Gap Advocates in London there are three other groups of refugee women actively involved in partnership in the Protection Gap campaign:

Refugee Women’s Strategy Group (Glasgow)

Women Asylum Seekers Together (WAST) (Manchester)

DEWA (Development and Empowerment for Women’s Advancement) (South Yorkshire)


Here, Khedija and Princess A talk about the campaign and the Protection Gap Advocates’ activities:


Campaign activities


The campaign has produced some really helpful resources and undertaken activities aimed influencing government to close the protection gap. Some of our activities include:

  • Volunteers Aurore and Elena recording voice overs in different languages for "From Us to You"Making a film, “From Us to You” for women who have recently applied for asylum, telling them about their rights. This was recorded in different languages to make it accessible to women.
  • Distributing the film through key NGOs eg Migrant Help, British Red Cross
  • “From Us to You” has been shown to all Home Office screening and asylum support staff.  We think this should be extended to Home Office decision-makers as part of their training.
  • Media work including appearances on on BBC radio – Hear two of the women in the “From Us to You” film being interviewed about their own experiences and the information they want to pass onto other women by BBC Radio Berkshire.
  • Running information sessions for women seeking asylum in initial accommodation to tell them of their rights
  • Provided expert input into a filmed discussion of the difficulties women face in getting an accurate credibility assessment
  • Lobbied Baroness Helena Kennedy when presenting her with campaign postcards