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Is the UK taking enough refugees?

Categories: Publications

On Monday 24 October Asylum Aid’s Zoe Gardner took part in a debate with the Conservative MP for Romford about the adequacy of the UK government’s response to the global displacement crisis on Sky News’ All Out Politics show.

Zoe argued that we must build on the momentum of the past weeks’ efforts to bring vulnerable children, at the 11th hour, to safety in the UK from Calais, but much more needs to be done. She highlighted how both our European neighbours and developing countries that neighbour conflict areas are currently shouldering far more of the responsibility for protecting refugees.

While Mr Rosindell emphasised that in order for British people to have faith in the asylum system, we need to ensure that people genuinely fleeing persecution are the ones we take in, Zoe pointed out that in order for this to be the case people need access to fair and efficient asylum procedures, rather than being left in destitution in dangerously poor conditions in France and across Europe.