Every year, Asylum Aid helps over a thousand people who have escaped torture or persecution and made it to the UK for protection. These are a few of their stories.


Hania fled years of persecution in Syria

She had been subject to terrifying abuse in Syria, first from her husband and then from state officials whom he was able to manipulate.


Thomas was hounded out of Uganda for being gay

Armed with rocks and chanting for him to be killed, a mob targeted him on his own street. His family disowned him. Terrified that he would be killed, Thomas fled to the UK, where he was brutalised further.


Rafeeq grew up in a small village in Darfur

Rafeeq was still a small boy when Janjaweed militia raided his village in the dead of night.


Ibrahim was just 13 years old when he arrived in the UK

Life is unsafe for thousands of children in Afghanistan, but Ibrahim’s childhood was especially brutal.