Rafeeq’s Story

Rafeeq grew up in a small village in Darfur

Rafeeq was still a small boy when Janjaweed militia raided his village in the dead of night in 2004. He woke up to explosions, gunshots and screaming.

To this day, Rafeeq doesn’t know how many people were killed. He doesn’t know what happened to his family. He just ran for his life, joining his neighbours as they too fled their homes. This was the beginning of a long and terrifying journey.

Rafeeq was forced out of every place he tried to call home.

When he was in Ghana, he worked with other boys selling water at traffic lights. When they didn’t sell enough, they were beaten. He was taken to Libya – but young men there were targeted after the revolution, and he was forced to flee to Europe.

Rafeeq arrived in the UK on his own, frightened and without friends, and asked for help. Asylum Aid worked with him to explain what had happened to his family, and the sudden violence which had forced him from his home.

The conflict in Darfur has claimed more than 300,000 lives in the last ten years. Rafeeq escaped with his life, just.

With help from Asylum Aid’s lawyers, he was recognised as a refugee.

Today Rafeeq is living and studying safely in the UK.

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