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Refugees are often faced with impossible choices. If you were in their shoes, what would you do?

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“Random Acts” tells the story of one woman asylum seeker, and is based on the stories of many women who have been represented by Asylum Aid. Their refusal letters and appeal determinations have been woven together by Debora Singer, Asylum Aid’s Policy and Research Manager, to illustrate the difficulties that women can face when seeking protection in the UK from human rights abuses abroad.

You can watch the play below (running time 18 mins)

And here is author, Debora Singer, discussing the play’s significance:

Download a fact sheet about the issues covered in the play.

Please note: since the production of the CD and play in 2007, effective advocacy by Asylum Aid and other has forced changes in some areas of Government policy.  Childcare is now provided during asylum interviews in all regional offices except London, and the ‘gender-sensitive question’ has been added to those asked during the asylum screening interview


To view Random Acts in Russian, please visit our YouTube page at: http://youtu.be/ZSx-24GzWmU


For a DVD containing the play, the interview and the fact sheet, contact:charter@asylumaid.org.uk.

This is free, but we are grateful to anyone who considers making a donation to Asylum Aid.