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It’s not all about numbers, it’s about what Britain needs – charity responds to ONS immigration stats

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Commenting on today’s ONS quarterly report on UK immigration, Wayne Myslik, CEO of Migrants Resource Centre, said:

“The rise in EU citizens leaving the UK and drop in students coming here raises the question of what the Government is trying to achieve. Because immigration policy shouldn’t be just about numbers. It should be about making sure that we continue to attract the best doctors and nurses that have made the NHS such a success. It should be about continuing to attract the best students and scientists so that we can remain a world leader in innovation.”

“Migration is good for our economy and has ensured our global competitiveness. With appropriate integration policies, migration adds to and strengthens our communities. We need a balanced immigration system that helps us to meet our needs as a prosperous country and ensures that all communities share in the benefits that immigration brings.”


Editors notes.

  • Long-term net migration, the difference between the number of people leaving and the number of people coming to the UK for more than one year, fell by 84,000 to 248,000 from in 2016 compared to the previous year. Much of this is driven by the increased departure of EU citizens, which is estimated to have risen by 40,000 compared to 2015.
  • The number of students coming to the UK to study in 2016 fell by 32,000.
  • ONS: Migration Statistics Quarterly Report: May 2017.

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Migrants Resource Centre is a national charity that helps communities in Britain prosper through integration. More information can be found here.