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Letter on statelessness determination from Immigration Minister

Categories: Publications,Statelessness

Minister for Immigration lays out government stance on the determination of stateless persons in letter to Asylum Aid.

Asylum Aid wrote to the Home Office commending the UK’s introduction of the Statelessness Determination Procedure in 2013 and to highlight areas of policy and practise in need of improvement, including that the UK should recognise statelessness as a protection issue and provide for legal aid for statelessness applications and a right of appeal against refusal.

In reply, the Minister for Immigration, then Robert Goodwill MP, affirmed the government’s view that statelessness decisions should be made ‘fairly and without undue delay’. He did not accept that all statelessness cases are complex and reaffirmed the government’s position that statelessness applications should not be in scope for legal aid. Instead, he asserts that exceptional case funding ‘is the right approach’.

Read the minister’s full reply here.