Ibrahim’s Story

Ibrahim was just 13 years old when he arrived in the UK

…and he had already survived a fearsome ordeal. It was only through Asylum Aid’s help that he now has the chance to rebuild his life here.

Life is unsafe for thousands of children in Afghanistan, but Ibrahim’s childhood was especially brutal. When he hesitated about attending the local religious school, his family beat him until he did. Once there, Ibrahim was beaten further, hung by the ankles and whipped.

Things took an even more serious turn when Ibrahim started working to support his family. His job in a restaurant left him vulnerable to his employer, who one night trapped him in the restaurant. Ibrahim was raped.

But in Afghanistan it is often the victim who is blamed. The local imam led the community to turn on Ibrahim, who was sentenced to death for bringing shame on the town. It was only by escaping from his family compound at the last moment that he escaped being killed.

Fleeing for his life, Ibrahim turned to people traffickers and was smuggled into the UK.

When he claimed asylum, the Home Office simply refused to believe a word he said. They decided he was lying about having been raped, and that no one had ever threatened to have him killed. The Home Office planned to send him back to Afghanistan the moment he turned 18.

But Asylum Aid knew that Ibrahim would be in danger if he was ever returned. Our specialist Children’s Caseworker sat with Ibrahim for hours to piece together his story. We worked with doctors, social workers and other legal experts so that his whole case could be seen in detail for the very first time.

And we won. With detailed evidence about everything that had happened to Ibrahim, the judge swiftly accepted that he was telling the truth and faced grave danger back home. Ibrahim was granted refugee status at the end of 2012.

After months of hard work, Ibrahim can now pursue the rest of his life in safety.

With your help, we won’t stop until that is true for all children.