Please share this film with people going to their asylum appeal hearings.

This film is to help asylum seekers who are going to their asylum appeal hearings at the First-tier Tribunal. It is for women and men. It provides information about the procedures at an appeal. It does not provide legal information.

“Once you see people coming to the Tribunal, everybody is so anxious. You can’t get much of a good evidence from somebody that is so so anxious.” (Woman with experience of appeals hearing.)

One way to reduce people’s anxiety is to give them information so that they know what to expect. Having this knowledge and being less anxious should enable them to engage more with the process. This is particularly important in order to be able to disclose traumatic experiences.

“If I was seeing this video I would have been feeling more confident.” Man with experience of appeals hearing.

The information in the film is based on concerns raised by women with experience of asylum appeals at research interviews organized by Asylum Aid (part of Migrants Resource Centre) and during observations at tribunals by academic researchers at University of Exeter. Both pieces of research recommended the production of information for asylum appellants. This film is the result.

“Being told is not enough, knowing what it looks like is helpful.” (Man with experience of appeals hearing.)


Running time: 13minutes

For more information, you might find the following toolkit useful, especially if you are representing yourself at appeal:

We have many people to thank for their involvement in making this film.

Written and produced by
• Debora Singer, Asylum Aid
• Professor Nick Gill, University of Exeter

Production support by:
• Jess Hurrell, University of Exeter
• Ollie Brown, University of Exeter

Animation by:
Jon Price, Drive Creative Studio Ltd

Financial support from:
• Economic and Social Research Council
• No 5 Chambers

For contributing their expertise to the script:
• Kathryn Cronin, Women’s Asylum Appeals Advocacy Steering Group
• Christel Querton, Women’s Asylum Appeals Advocacy Steering Group
• Asylum Aid legal team
• Protection Gap Advocates
• Refugee Support Devon
• Gloucestershire Action for Refugees and Asylum Seekers
• UK Visas and Immigration
• HM Courts and Tribunal Service