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CREDO II: Credibility Assessment in Asylum Procedures

Categories: Publications

CREDO II is a multidisciplinary training manual on credibility assessment in asylum procedures across Europe, aimed at asylum decision makers and caseworkers, immigration judges and legal practitioners. The manual was developed by UNHCR in partnership with the Hungarian Helsinki Committee, Asylum Aid and the European Council on Refugees and Exiles.

Credibility assessment is undoubtedly one of the most challenging aspects of asylum decision making. A high proportion of claims for international protection are rejected based on the justification that the determining authority or court does not believe what the applicant says.

This manual offers a framework for developing knowledge, skills and attitudes through multidisciplinary learning, which can help asylum professionals to reduce the possibility of errors, reach more objective and fair credibility findings, as well as apply a more structured approach to credibility assessment.

Debora Singer, Policy and Research Manager at Asylum Aid has contributed chapter 10 (p.33) on credibility in women’s asylum claims.

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