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Asylum Aid Policy Briefing: Ending Detention of Stateless Persons in the UK

Categories: Statelessness

‘Ousman’, a stateless man of Guinean and Gambian parentage, spent three and a half years in immigration detention in the UK. Even though he cooperated with removal efforts, neither Guinea nor Gambia recognised him as a national of their country, and he could not be removed. Eventually, he was released from detention and awarded damages for unlawful detention.

No one should be detained under immigration powers unlawfully or for lengthy periods of time. Stateless persons are particularly vulnerable to long periods of detention, as the case of Ousman demonstrates above. In this briefing, Asylum Aid’s policy expert, Cynthia Orchard, looks at the barriers that exist to protecting stateless people from detention, and lays out a practical approach the government can take to address the issue and protect people like Ousman from being locked in limbo.

Asylum Aid supports the #LockedInLimbo campaign run by the European Network on Statelessness.