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Asylum Aid submits evidence to official inspection of asylum applications

Categories: Publications

The Independent Chief Inspector of Borders and Immigration is undertaking an inspection of how the Home Office deals with applications for asylum and has consulted Asylum Aid and other civil society organisations.

The key areas of interest to the inspection, according to the initial call for evidence, include:

  • Screening and routing of asylum applicants
  • Processing of asylum decisions, including the management and impact of case delays
  • The quality of asylum interviews and decisions
  • The role of the Home Office in support provision (e.g. financial, integration services) once an initial asylum decision has been taken
  • The impact of the gender of the applicant in all of the above and/or
  • The impact of any forthcoming proposals or current pilots you are aware of which impact upon the decision making process.

The deadline for submissions was on 1 June, 2017.

Calling on our experience of working with, and representing, people seeking asylum, Asylum Aid  submitted evidence and recommendations focusing in particular on issues relating to gender, sexual orientation, and gender identity.

See Asylum Aid’s response here.