Who does Asylum Aid represent and what can we do?

Asylum Aid’s Legal Team provides advice to people who are in the UK and are in fear of returning to their country of origin. This includes individuals, families and children seeking asylum, refugees with families overseas, victims of trafficking and domestic violence, and stateless people.

Who we represent

  • Asylum seekers
  • Children seeking asylum
  • Refugees
  • Victims of trafficking
  • Stateless people
  • Those who have suffered domestic violence and relationship breakdown in the UK and fear return to their country of origin or residence
  • Refused asylum seekers who want to regularise their immigration status

Our areas of expertise

  • Providing representation in asylum appeals
  • Representing victims of trafficking
  • Representing children, including unaccompanied asylum seeking children
  • Representing gay men and women
  • Representing destitute asylum seekers with further submissions
  • Representing victims of domestic violence

Other than under exceptional circumstances, we can only provide representation to clients who live within the London area.  Due to restrictions in funding for Legal Aid, Asylum Aid is not able to provide representation to people in immigration detention.  If you are in immigration detention, you need to seek advice from a provider with an exclusive detention contract. For more information, see our page on finding other legal representation.

Asylum Aid provides our clients with legal representation in their asylum and immigration claims.  We will represent our clients in their applications to the UK Border Agency, and in all stages of their appeals to the Asylum and Immigration Chamber and beyond.  We also provide our clients with legal representation in Judicial Reviews.

We realise that our client’s legal problems can be complex, and we are able to offer them a wide range of services.

Our services include

  • Asylum claims and appeals, including further representations after their initial claim or appeal has been unsuccessful
  • Applications and appeals on behalf of asylum seeking children who are seeking to extend their permission to remain in the UK
  • Applications and appeals on behalf of clients who are in fear or unable to return to their country of origin and are seeking to regularise their immigration status in the UK
  • Applications for family reunion when a person has been recognised as a refugee or granted humanitarian protection
  • Applications for bail or challenges to the lawfulness of detention to secure release or damages for people held in prison
  • Applications for emergency injunctions to prevent existing clients being forcibly removed
  • Applications for existing clients who require help to obtain travel documentation or naturalise as British citizens

Unlike many other legal aid funded representatives, we aim to attend substantive asylum interviews with our clients, because we believe that this is a necessary part of representing our clients.

Asylum Aid is able to provide interpreters for our clients where needed.  We are happy to represent clients of all nationalities and backgrounds.

We specialise in representing women, who make up at least 50% of our clients.  All women clients are offered the choice of having a woman legal representative.

If we are unable to help, please see our guide to finding other legal representation.



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