Our Commitment to You

We will spend your money wisely

Asylum Aid is committed to using the money we raise directly on providing protection to asylum seekers through our legal and policy work. We minimise the amount spent to run Asylum Aid and raise further funds.


We will provide high-quality legal advice for our clients

In 2010 we achieved a positive outcome in 83% of the cases resolved during the year.  This is testament to the extraordinary commitment and expertise of our legal team.


We will continue to speak out against injustice

Our campaigning work has achieved a number of critical successes, including progress on access to quality legal representation and the treatment of women seeking asylum.  The way in which asylum seekers in the UK are treated remains wholly unacceptable, however, and Asylum Aid works every day to highlight and address this unfairness.


We will continue to help the most vulnerable

Asylum Aid provides legal advice to hundreds of the most vulnerable asylum seekers every year.  We provide a dedicated telephone advice line for asylum seekers and their advocates, and welcome enquiries by post and email.  We run a legal outreach surgery programme, to reach people in the community who might benefit from our help, and take referrals from a wide network of organisations.

Asylum Aid has a particular focus on the protection needs of women and unaccompanied children.


We will improve the quality of legal advice in the sector

Asylum Aid co-ordinates the online Refugee Legal Group, through which more than 800 experts share ideas and good practice in asylum law.  We also produce Asylum News and  Women’s Asylum News, which cover the latest legal and political developments that affect people seeking asylum.

We also run a broad range of external training sessions and presentations, in the UK and across Europe.  This includes training staff and volunteers who work with refugees to best support victims of gender-based violence, and briefing parliamentarians and officials on the latest developments in asylum work.

More detailed information about the work conducted by Asylum Aid each year, and the principles that underpin that work, is contained in our recent Annual Reports, and in the policy briefings that outline our work to influence Government asylum policy in key areas.