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Asylum Aid offers free, confidential and independent legal advice and representation

Our team provides legal representation and advice to asylum seekers through the work of three solicitors, three caseworkers and a Legal Triage Advisor.  They are supported by Asylum Aid’s Legal Team Manager, a Legal Policy Officer and a Legal Administrator.

The team aims to provide the highest quality advice and representation.  We enjoy a very high success rate working with our clients, and pride ourselves on high levels of client care.

Our solicitors are regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, and all our caseworkers have gained accreditation as Senior Caseworkers.  All the members of the team who work directly with clients are regulated by the Immigration and Asylum Accreditation Scheme, and have extensive experience in asylum and immigration law.  We particularly welcome referrals for cases that have reached the appeal stage.


Advice line: (020) 7354 9264

Our advice line offers free one-off legal advice to asylum seekers, refugees, and individuals or organisations who work to support them.  The advice line current operating hours are shown on the home page of this website.

The information that callers give us and the advice that we give is confidential.

To ensure that our advice is accurate we usually ask callers questions about their immigration status in the UK.  If you call, please be prepared to answer detailed questions, although we will not tell anyone the information you give us.

If you do not speak English, it would be best if you have someone with you who can interpret.  Asylum Aid cannot provide telephone interpretation for Advice Line calls.

Can we help you?

To see if you are eligible, please read Who does Asylum Aid represent and what can we do?


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