Gender and asylum in Europe


Thousands of people each year flee human rights abuse overseas and seek asylum in Europe.

One third are women.

This report, Gender-related asylum claims in Europe, published by Asylum Aid and our European partners, looks in detail at the handling of gender-based asylum claims in nine EU member states.  It focuses on the experiences of women across Europe, and the desperate need to ensure that women can claim asylum safely and in dignity.

The research looks at asylum decision-making, procedures, and reception and detention conditions for asylum seekers fleeing gender-related persecution, in nine EU states.


“Women are not guaranteed anything close to consistent, gender-sensitive treatment when they seek protection in Europe.

Legislation and policy too often fails to meet acceptable standards, while even gender-sensitive policies are not implemented in practice” – from the report

The report is the result of the ‘Gensen’ project, funded by the European Refugee Fund