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Your generous support allows Asylum Aid to help hundreds of vulnerable women, men, and children who need protection from persecution and torture each year.

..will help pay for the expert reports needed by a refugee family applying to be reunited in the UK.

..will help keep open our advice line, which assists over 1000 people every year.

..will support our outreach surgeries in day centres for destitute asylum seekers.

..whatever you can give, every penny or pound will help save more people who need protection.

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Your regular monthly donations allow us to help people now, and plan confidently for the future.  It is also one of the most cost-effective ways to support us.

£5 montly..will help pay for expert reports needed by a vulnerable woman asylum seeker.

..will help provide a specialist lawyer for an unaccompanied child asylum seeker.

..will help provide legal representation for a stateless person.

..will help provide legal representation for a survivor of torture needing protection in the UK.


Major gifts

Asylum Aid relies on the generosity of all our supporters to continue our work. Significant gifts are especially important, because they can enable us to secure protection to people who have suffered persecution or torture. Not just for today but for years into the future. Named for the founders of Asylum Aid, the Founders Circle recognises individuals and families who donate gifts of £5,000 or more over the course of a calendar year. To find out more about how your large gift can help us continue to save lives, please read about the Founders Circle or contact Wayne Myslik, our Chief Executive at


Why your donations are important

Your donation will help women like Hania, who was caught up in Syria’s terrible civil war. Hania was raped and beaten by her husband. She sought help from the police, but her husband used his family connections to have her imprisoned. Surrounded by other prisoners, Hania was beaten, slapped and whipped, often in the pitch dark.

“I wondered whether I would see daylight again. I heard screams like I’ve never heard,” Hania told her Asylum Aid solicitor.

When Hania made it to the UK, Asylum Aid worked with her to tell the Home Office about everything she had undergone, and the grave danger she faced if she ever returned to Syria. With our help, Hania was recognised as a refugee. Slowly, she is rebuilding her life in safety in the UK.

Please donate today to help us save lives.


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Send your cheque or money order to:

Asylum Aid, Club Union House, 253-254 Upper Street, London N1 1RY

Please include your name and address so that we can provide you with a receipt.